Massimo Porrati

Professor of Physics; Director of Graduate Studies

Diploma di Scienze 1985, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (Italy); Laurea in Fisica 1984, Universita' di Pisa (Italy)

Office Address: Room 959, 726 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Phone: 212-998-7733

Fax: 212-995-4016

Research Interests: String theory, supersymmetry and supergravity, nonperturbative dynamics of strings and field theory.

Theoretical Particle Physics
Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics


Bound states at threshold in supersymmetric quantum mechanics. with A. Rozenberg. Nuclear Physics B., 515. 1998. 184. hep-th/9708119.

Spontaneously broken N=2 supergravity without light mirror fermions, with L. Girardello and A. Zaffaroni. Nuclear Physics B., 505. 1997. 272. hep-th/9704163.

Target space duality in string theory, with A. Giveon and E. Rabinovici. Physics Reports, 244. 1994. 77.
g=2 as the natural value of the tree-level gyromagnetic ratio of elementary particles, with S. Ferrara and V. L. Telegdi. Physical Review D., 46. 1992. 85.
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