Kleban Matthew

Matthew Kleban

Associate Professor of Physics

Office Address: Rm524, 4 Washington Place, New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 998-8219

Personal Homepage: http://cosmo.nyu.edu/matthew_kleban.html

Research Interests: Cosmology and Particle Physics

Theoretical Particle Physics
Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics

Fellowships/Honors: NSF CAREER Award: Strings on the Horizon: Exploring the Interface of High Energy Physics and Cosmology, 2007


Click here for an up-to-date list of my publications.

"Observing the Multiverse with Cosmic Wakes," with Thomas Levi and Kris Sigurdson, arXiv:1109.3473.

"Flux Discharge Cascades in Various Dimensions," with Karthik Krishnaiyengar and Massimo Porrati, arXiv:1108.6102

"Cosmic Bubble Collisions." Class. Quantum Grav., 2011, arXiv:1107.2593.

"Dynamical Cobordisms in General Relativity and String Theory," with Simeon Hellerman. JHEP 1102 (2011) 022, arXiv:1009.3277

"McVittie's Legacy: Black Holes in an Expanding Universe," with Nemanja Kaloper and Damien Martin. Phys.Rev. D81 (2010) 104044, arXiv:1003.4777

"A Conformal Field Theory for Eternal Inflation," with Ben Freivogel. JHEP 0912 (2009) 019, arXiv:0903.2048

"Watching Worlds Collide: Effects on the CMB from Cosmological Bubble Collisions," with Spencer Chang and Thomas Levi. JCAP 0904 (2009) 025, arXiv:0810.5128

"Expanding F-Theory," with Michele Redi. JHEP 0709 (2007) 038, arXiv:0705.2020

"Gravitational Backreaction of Matter Inhomogeneities," with Andrei Gruzinov, Massimo Porrati, and Michele Redi JCAP 0612 (2006) 001, astro-ph/0609553

"Observational consequences of a landscape," with Ben Freivogel, Maria Rodriguez Martinez, and Leonard Susskind. JHEP 0603:039,2006, hep-th/0505232.

"Poincare recurrences and topological diversity," with Massimo Porrati and Raul Rabadan. JHEP 0410:030,2004, hep-th/0407192.

"Observational implications of cosmological event horizons," with Nemanja Kaloper and Lorenzo Sorbo. Phys.Lett.B600:7-14,2004, astro-ph/0406099.

"(1+1)-dimensional compactifications of string theory," with Naureen Goheer and Leonard Susskind. Phys.Rev.Lett.92:191601,2004, hep-th/0310120.

"The Black hole singularity in AdS / CFT," with Lukasz Fidkowski, Veronika Hubeny, and Stephen Shenker. JHEP 0402:014,2004, hep-th/0306170.

"Disturbing implications of a cosmological constant," with Lisa Dyson and Leonard Susskind.JHEP 0210:011,2002, hep-th/0208013.

"Signatures of short distance physics in the cosmic microwave background," with Nemanja Kaloper, Albion E. Lawrence, and Stephen Shenker. Phys.Rev.D66:123510,2002, hep-th/0201158.

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