Matthieu Wyart

Associate Professor of Physics

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Ph.D. 2005 (Theoretical Physics and Finance) the SPEC, CEA Saclay, Paris.
Diploma of Advanced Studies 2002 (Theoretical Physics) Ecole Normale Superieur, Paris.
Research Internship 2001 at Rockefeller University, New York.
Degree in Physics 2001 Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. Speciality in Physics, Mathematics and Economics.

Phone: 212-992-8316

Fax: 212-995-4016

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Research Interests: Soft condensed-matter, Glass transition, Granular matter, Biophysics, Neuroscience, Economics and Finance

Center for Soft Matter Research


Low-energy non-linear excitations in sphere packings
EdanLerner, Gustavo During, MatthieuWyart, Soft Matter, accepted, (2013)

Why glass elasticity affects the thermodynamics and fragility of super-cooled liquids
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Phonon gap and localization lengths in floppy materials
Gustavo During, EdanLerner, MatthieuWyart, Soft Matter, 9, 146-154 (2013)

Simulations of driven overdampedfrictionless hard spheres
EdanLerner, Gustavo During, MatthieuWyart, Computer Physics Communications, 184, 628 (2013)

Marginal Stability Constrains Force and Pair Distributions at Random Close Packing
MatthieuWyart, Physical Review Letters, 109, 125502 (2012)

Toward a microscopic description of flow near the jamming threshold
EdanLerner, Gustavo During, MatthieuWyart, EurophysicsLetters, 99, 58003 (2012)

A unified framework for dense suspension flows and soft amorphous solids
EdanLerner, Gustavo During, MatthieuWyart, PNAS, 109, 4798-4803 (2012)

Proprioceptive Coupling within Motor Neurons Drives C. elegansForward Locomotion
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Curling instability induced by swelling
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Evaluating Gene Expression Dynamics Using Pairwise RNA FISH Data
MatthieuWyart, David Botstein, Ned Wingreen, PlosComputational Biology, 6, e1000979 (2010)

Biomechanical analysis of gait adaptation in the nematode Caenorhabditiselegans
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Correlations between vibrational entropy and dynamics in supercooledliquids
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Scaling of phononictransport with connectivity in amorphous solids
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Heat transport in model jammed solids Vincenzo
Vincenzo Vitelli, NingXu, MatthieuWyart, Andrea J. Liu, Sidney R. Nagel, Physical Review E 81, 021301 (2010)

Geometric interpretation of pre-vitrificationin hard sphere liquids
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On the dependence of the avalanche angle on the granular layer thickness
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Energy transport in Jammed sphere Packings
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Elasticity of Floppy and Stiff Random Networks
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Relation between Bid-Ask Spread, Impact and Volatility in Double Auction Markets
MatthieuWyart, Jean- Philippe Bouchaud, JulienKockelkoren, Marc Potters, Michele Vettorazzo, Quantitative finance, 8, 41-57, (2008)

Self-referential behaviour, overreaction and conventions in financial markets
MatthieuWyart, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Journal of Economical and Behavioral Organization, 63 1-24, (2007)

Heterogeneous Dynamics, Marginal Stability and Soft Modes in Hard Sphere Glasses
Carolina Britoand MatthieuWyart, Journal of Statistical Mechanics, 08, 1742-5468 (2007)

Excess vibrational modes and the boson peak in model glasses
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What makes a hard sphere glass rigid?
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On the Rigidity of Amorphous solids
MatthieuWyart, Ann. Phys. Fr., Vol. 30, No 3, pp. 1-96, (2005)

Effects of compression on the vibrational modes of marginally jammed solids
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Geometric origin of excess soft vibrational modes in amorphous solids
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Dynamical susceptibility of glass formers: Contrasting the predictions of theoretical scenarios
Cristina Toninelli, MatthieuWyart, GulioBiroli, LudovicBerthier, J-P Bouchaud, Phys. Rev. E 71, 041505 (2005)

Fluctuations and response in financial markets: the subtle nature of 'random' price changes
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Yuval Gefen, Marc Potters, and MatthieuWyart, Quantitative Finance 4 176-190 (2004)

Statistical models for company growth
MatthieuWyart, Jean-Philippe BouchaudPhysicaA 326, Issues 1-2, Pages 241-255, (2003)

*: authors contributed equally

Book Chapters:

The jamming scenario– an introduction and outlook
Andrea J. Liu, Sidney R. Nagel, Wimvan Saarloos, MatthieuWyart, in ”Dynamical heterogeneities in glasses, colloids, and granular media”, edited by L. Berthier, G. Biroli, J-P Bouchaud, L. CipelettiandW. van Saarloos, Oxford University Press, Oxford (2010) p. 298-336

Elasticity of soft particles and colloids near Random Close Packing
MatthieuWyart, to be published in the book "Microgel" edited by Hans Wyss, Alberto Fernandez, Johan Mattssonand David Weitz, arXiv:0806.4653

Rigidity-based approach to the boson peak in amorphous solids: from sphere packing to amorphous silica
M. Wyart, in "Rigidity and BoolchandIntermediate Phases in Nanomaterials", M. Micoulaut, M. PopescuEds. (INOE Bucarest, 2009) p. 159-177, arXiv:0806.4596

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