Ph.D. Recipients

Academic Year 2015-2016 Graduates

Arabgol, Mohsen
Advisor: Sergei Dubovsky, Thesis: Experimental Observation of the Barnett Effect for Protons

Cooper, Patrick
Advisor: Sergei Dubovsky, Thesis: World Sheet Dynamics of Effective String Theory and the Gribov Ambiguity in QCD

Gorbenko, Victor
Advisor: Sergei Dubovsky, Thesis: From QCD Flux Tubes to Gravitational S-matrix and Back

Evans, Daniel
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Measuring Colloidal Charges in Low Polar Media from Statistics of Particle Trajectories

Kim, Jihun
Advisor: Massimo Porrati, Thesis: Canonical Quantization of Pure Gravity and Long String Dynamics on Three-dimensional Anti de Sitter Space

Roig, Benjamin
Advisor: Michael Blanton, Thesis: The Study of Active Galactic Nuceli and Galaxy Structure Using SDSS Spectroscopy

Storace, Stefano
Advisor: Matthew Kleban, Thesis: Field Theories at the Opposite Ends of the String: Stars in anti-de Sitter Spacetime and Conditions for Integrability on the Worldsheet of Confining Strings

Wakil Moyses, Henrique
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Statistical Mechanics of Colloidal Particles in Non-Conservative Force Fields

Yan, Le
Advisor: Matthieu Wyart, Thesis: On the Dynamics of Glassy Systems

Academic Year 2014-2015 Graduates

Luis Apolo Velez
Advisor: Massimo Porrati, Thesis: Variations on Holography from Modifications of Gravity in Anti-de Sitter

Roberto Gobbetti
Advisor: Matthew Kleban, Thesis: Dealing with a Landscape: Signatures of False Vacuum Eternal Inflation and How to End It

Loek Hooft Van Huysduynen
Advisor: Peter Nemethy, Thesis: Lepton Jets in the Atlas Experiment

Craig Lage
Advisor: Glennys Farrar, Thesis: Constrained Simulation of the Bullet Cluster

Jia Liu
Advisor: Neal Weiner, Thesis: Beyond the Minimal Dark Sector: Finding New Physics in Colliders

Marjorie Schillo
Advisor: Matthew Kleban, Thesis: Eternal Inflation, String Theory, and the Multiverse

Daniele Pinna
Advisor: Andrew Kent, Daniel Stein, Thesis: Spin-Torque Driven MacroSpin Dynamics Subject to Thermal Noise

David Ruffner
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Optical Forces in Complex Beams of Light

Jan Smrek
Advisor: Alexander Grosberg, Thesis: Fractal Properties of DNA

Daniel Foreman-Mackey
Advisor: David Hogg, Thesis: Methods for the Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets and their Population

Karthik Krishnaiyengar
Advisor: Andy Haas, Thesis: Search for Higgs Boson Decays to Neutralinos and Gravitinos Using the ATLAS Detector

Ricardo Neves
Advisor: Allen Mincer, Thesis: Study of the Transverse Energy Sum Triggers and Leptonic Background Reduction in Searches for Supersymmetry in Fully Hadronic Multijet Events at the ATLAS Experiment

Marco Tavora
Advisor: Aditi Mitra, Thesis: Prethermalization, Universal Scaling at Macroscopic Short Times, and Thermalization Following a Quantum Quench

Academic Year 2013-2014 Graduates

James Beacham
Advisor: Kyle Cranmer, Thesis: A Searches

Paul Duffell
Advisor: Andrew MacFadyen, Thesis: Moving Mesh Astrophysics

Emmanouela Filippidi
Advisor: David Pine, Thesis: Random Organization: Out-of-Equilibrium Phase Transitions in Periodically Driven Suspensions

Daniel Gopman
Advisor: Andrew Kent, Thesis: Switching Distributions in Co-Ni Nanopillars with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotrop

Fengji Hou
Advisor: David Hogg/John Goodman, Thesis: Bayesian Inference Using Stellar Radial Velocity Data

Andreas Karpf
Advisor: Tycho Sleator, Thesis: Highly Sensitive Trace Gas Detection of Molecular Species with Dense, Poorly Resolved Spectra

Sven Kreiss
Advisor: Kyle Cranmer, Thesis: Boson Discovery and First Property Measurements with the H --> ZZ* --> 4l Channel and the Combination

Bhaskar Krishantreya
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Precision Measurements of Colloidal Interactions and Dynamics

Herbert Lannon
Advisor: Jasna Brujic, Thesis: Protein Free Energy Landscapes from Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Arjun Narayanan
Advisor: Paul Chaikin, Thesis: Probing the Coexistence of Spin Density Wave and Superconducting Orders in Organic Superconductors

Pradeep Subedi
Advisor: Andrew Kent, Thesis: Collective Effects in Single Molecule Magnets

Kun-Ta Wu
Advisor: Paul Chaikin, Thesis: The Road to Colloidal Self-Replication

Academic Year 2012-2013 Graduates

Giga Chkareuli
Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: Vainshtein Mechanism in Certain Tensor-Scalar Theories

Lisa Dixon
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Search for the Nuclear Barnett Effect

George Lewis
Advisor: Kyle Cranmer, Thesis: Measurements and Searches for New Physics Using Top Quarks at the LHC

Mehrdad Mirbabayi
Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: Lorentz Symmetric Aether and Its Accretion Onto Black Holes

Payam Rowghanian
Advisor: Alexander Grosberg, Thesis: Electrophoretic Capture and Passage of a Polyelectrolyte Molecule through a Nanopore

Jonathan Zrake
Advisor: Andrew MacFadyen, Thesis: A Numerical Investigation of Relativistic Turbulence

Lasha Berezhiani
Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: On General Relativity with Massive Graviton

Keith Chan
Advisor: Roman Scoccimarro, Thesis: Large Scale Halo Bias

Lan Gong
Advisor: Daniel Stein, Thesis: Noise-Induced Rare Events in Classical Field Theories with Application to Nanowire Transitions

Tao Jiang
Advisor: David Hogg, Thesis: Galaxy Mergers and Galaxy Evolution

Ivane Jorjadze
Advisor: Jasna Brujic, Thesis: Confocal Microscopy of Jammed Matter: from Elasticity to Granular Thermodynamics

Huanlong Liu
Advisor: Andrew Kent, Thesis: Spin Transfer Driven Magnetization Dynamics in Spin Valves and Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

Rob Morris
Advisor: Neal Weiner, Thesis: Indirect Detection of Inelastic and Exciting Dark Matter

Academic Year 2011-2012 Graduates

David Pirtskhalava
Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: Massive Gravity: Theory and Cosmology

Ning Xuan
Advisor: John Lowenstein, Thesis: Rare events in a finite 2D Ising model

Jarrett Lancaster
Advisor: Aditi Mitra, Thesis: Quench dynamics in one-dimensional quantum systems

Ronin Wu
Advisor: David Hogg, Thesis: Tracing Star Formation in the Mid-infrared

Academic Year 2010-2011 Graduates

Jeffrey Allen
Advisor: Glennys Farrar, Thesis: The Composition and Hadronic Interactions of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays at the Pierre Auger Observatory

Jo Bovy
Advisor: David Hogg, Thesis: Dynamical Inference in the Milky Way

Chi-Wang Chan
Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Diffusion and Transport in Confined Geometry

Gabriel Chaves
Advisor: Daniel Stein, Andrew Kent, Thesis: Numerical Studies of Transition States for Magnetization Reversal of Ferromagnetic Nanostructures

Ilias Cholis
Advisor: Neal Weiner, Thesis: Searching for New Phenomena in High Energy Cosmic Rays

Grant Christopher
Advisor: Allen Mincer, Thesis: Physics from the Very-High Energy Cosmic-Ray Shadows of the Moon and Sun with Milagro

Lisa Goodenough
Advisor: Neal Weiner, Thesis: The Dark Side of the Galaxy

Eyal Kazin
Advisor: Michael Blanton, Thesis: Large-scale Clustering of Galaxies in the Universe

Abhishek Kumar
Advisor: Neal Weiner, Thesis: Topics in Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Zurab Ratiani
Advisor: Aditi Mitra, Thesis: Nonequilibrium Quantum Impurity Systems

Long Zhao
Advisor: Allen Mincer, Thesis: A Global Fitting Method to Improve Missing Transverse Energy by Hadronic Energy Scale Correction

Guangtun Zhu
Advisor: Michael Blanton, Thesis: The Star Formation History of the Universe over the Past Eight Billion Years

Adi Zolotov
Advisor: David Hogg, Thesis: The Dual Origin of Stellar Halos

Academic Year 2009-2010 Graduates

Rachel Rosen
Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: Charged Condensation

Ronnie Jansson
Advisor: Glennys Farrar, Thesis: The Magnetic Field of the Milky Way

Alexander Jaoshvili
Advisor: Paul Chaikin, Thesis: Experimental and Computational Analysis of Random Tetrahedral Packing with Applications

Bo Sun
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Non-Conservative Optical Forces and Brownian Vortexes

Ke Xiao
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Two-Dimensional Transport in Structured Optical Force Landscapes

Academic Year 2008-2009 Graduates

Wenyu Chen
Advisor: Andrew Kent, Thesis: Spin Transfer in Magnetic Nanopillars

Subinoy Das
Advisor: Neal Weiner, Thesis: Cosmology with Beyond Standard Model Interactions

Brian Kolterman
Advisor: Peter Nemethy, Thesis: Observation of the Large Scale Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy at TeV Energies with the Milagro Detector

Azra Krek
Advisor: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Thesis: Identification of microRNA Targets

Rakibur Rahman
Advisor: Massimo Porrati, Thesis: Interacting Massive Higher Spin Fields

Academic Year 2007-2008 Graduates

Luca Grisa
Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: Beyond Einstein Gravity

Pablo Jercog
Advisor: John Rinzel, Thesis: Study of different physiological components that underlie interaural time delay detection in the auditory system

Marco Polin
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Direct Measurements of Colloidal Interactions with Holographic Optical Tweezers

Sebastian Pueblas
Advisor: Roman Scoccimarro, Thesis: Dark Matter Clustering in Precision Cosmology

Academic Year 2006-2007 Graduates

Hector Martin Crocce
Advisor: Roman Scoccimarro, Thesis: Renormalized Cosmological Perturbation Theory

Sang-Hyuk Lee
Advisor: David Grier, Thesis: Brownian Motion in Complex Potential Energy Landscapes created with Light

Bin Liu
Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Two Problems on Multi-body Systems

Morad Masjedi
Advisor: David Hogg, Thesis: Massive galaxy Merging and Cosmology

Yingpang Yu
Advisor: Richard Brandt, Thesis: Elastical Dynamic System

Jinqiang Zhong
Advisor: Jun Zhang, Thesis: Turbulent Rayleigh-Benard Convection with Freely Moving Boundary

Academic Year 2005-2006 Graduates

Rong Fan
Advisor: George Zaslavsky, Thesis: Pseudochaos and Transport

Irakli Odisharia
Advisor: Robert Kohn (CIMS), Thesis: Evolution Equation

Nicholas Sambelashvili
Advisor: David Cai (CIMS), Thesis: Nonlinear Dynamics in Spatially Extended Systems

Yanwen Shang
Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: Constrained Gauge Theory, Gravity and Cosmology

Alexei Tonyushkin
Advisor: Tycho Sleator, Thesis: Atom Interferometry

Gabrijela Zaharijas
Advisor: Glennys Farrar, Thesis: Alternative Approaches to Dark Matter Puzzle

Academic Year 2004-2005 Graduates

Igor Kaminetskiy
Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Two Problems of Fluids in Small Spacial Domains

Francesco Nitti
Advisor: Massimo Poratti, Thesis: Two Variations on the Theme of the Wave Function of the Universe

Alvaro Nunez
Advisor: Georgi Dvali, Thesis: Exploration of Gravity at Different Scales

Barbaros Oezyilmaz
Advisor: Andrew Kent, Thesis: Spin Transfer in Magnetic Nanopillar Junctions

Samuela Pasquali
Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Studies in Confined Biopolymers

Carlo Piccioni
Advisor: Daniel Zwanziger, Thesis: Casimir Scaling in SU (2) Lattice Gauge Theory

Jan-Willem Rombouts
Advisor: Massimo Poratti, Thesis: Infrared Modifications of Gravity

Emiliano Sefusatti
Advisor: Roman Scoccimarro, Thesis: Probing Fundamental Physics with Large-Scale Structure: from Galaxy Formation to Inflation

Sviatoslav Solganik
Advisor: Georgi Dvali, Thesis: Inflation and Gravity Models

Jianwei Zhang
Advisor: Peter Levy, Thesis: Electron Transport in Noncollinear Magnetic Multilayers

Zhengji Zhao
Advisors: Jerome Percus and Michael Overton, Thesis: The Reduced Density Matrix Method for Electronic Structure Calculations - Application of Semidefinite Programming to N-fermion Systems

Weimin Zhou
Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Thermodynamic Behavior of Electrolytes at Low Temperature

Summer 2004 Graduate

Michele Baldini
Advisors: Alan Sokal and Henry McKean (CIMS), Thesis: A New Perspective on the Invariant Measure of a Positive Recurrent Diffusion in RĂ™.

Academic Year 2003-2004 Graduates

Christopher Clarke
Advisor: Edward Robinson, Thesis: Time-Dependent Generalization of Floquet Method Applied to Pulsed Interactions

Dionyssios Mintzopoulos
Advisor: George Zaslavsky, Thesis: Chaotic Dynamics of Multilevel Atom in an Undamped Cavity

Giovanni Ossola
Advisor: Alberto Sirlin, Thesis: Topics Concerning the Quantum Corrections in the Standard Model

Asya Shpiro
Advisor: Peter Levy, Thesis: Two Problems in Spin-Dependent Transport in Metallic Magnetic Multilayers

Qinghui Wang
Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Quasi-one Dimensional Classical Fluids

Jun Yan
Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensation

Summer 2003 Graduate

Marko Kolanovic
Advisor: Georgi Dvali, Thesis: Theories with Infinite Volume Extra Dimenions

Academic Year 2002-2003 Graduates

Federico Camia
Advisor: Charles Newman, Thesis: Stochastic Dynamics of Ising Models at Zero Temperature

Andrea Ferroglia
Advisor: Alberto Sirlin, Thesis: Topics in Precision Electroweak Physics

Lazar Fleysher
Advisor: Allen Mincer, Thesis: Search for Relic Neutralinos with Milagro

Roman Fleysher
Advisor: Peter Nemethy, Thesis: Search for Gamma-ray Emission from Galactic Plane with Milagro

Konstantin Koupstov
Advisor: John Lowenstein, Thesis: Scaling in Piecewise Linear Maps

Andrey Turlapov
Advisor: Tycho Sleator, Thesis: Manipulating and Imaging Laser-Cooled Atoms with Optical Tools


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