Student Support

Financial Support

Departmental Support
Students should be aware of the availability of research assistantships offered by faculty with sponsored research support. (This can be a factor in the student's choice of thesis advisor.) Some funds are available for student travel to report on their research at scientific conferences. Departmental social events occasionally receive support.

Graduate School Support
In addition to the MacCracken Fellowship, students may apply to the Graduate School for grants and awards. Various competitive awards for teaching and dissertation writing are offered annually. Announcements are made in advance of application deadlines.

External Non-NYU Support
Agencies such as the National Science Foundation offer fellowship support and travel funds on a competitive basis. Students should be aware of opportunities as they arise (many are advertised on our Physics Office bulletin board as well as our Graduate Fellowships Programs page).


Students accepted in to the four-year "MacCracken Program" are awarded an academic year stipend which may be provided through a combination of assistantships and fellowships, in proportions to be determined. The award also includes a full tuition scholarship, remission of registration and service fees, and full coverage of mandatory NYU student health insurance.

Travel Grants

Travel Grants are available for student to attend conferences. Please see "Financial Support" above.