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Spin Wave Excitation Patterns Generated by Spin Torque Oscillators

Congratulation to Professor Andrew Kent for the Cover article on January 31st, 2014 issue of Nanotechnology

F. Macia, F. C. Hoppensteadt and A. D. Kent, “Spin wave excitation patterns generated by spin torque oscillators,” Nanotechnology 25, 045303 (2014).

For more information about our latest research, please visit Professor Kent's Research Group

Celebrating a Nobel Contribution in the Discovery of the Higgs Boson

@NYUScience status on Twitter
#NYU #physicists recall #Nobel announcement & reflect on #Higgs' universal import (video)

MAM | Can a wedding ring really tell you the sex of a baby?

Funny youtube video about parenting and physics made by MAM that was filmed right here in the Meyer Building.
Starring Professor Dan Stein.
Watch it here.

European Research Council Advanced Grant

Professor Georgi Dvali has been awarded the the European Research Council Advanced Grant 2013.

Docteur Honoris Causa de l'Universite de Lorraine

Professor Andrew Kent has been awarded with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Lorraine in France.

Simons Foundation: Simons Fellows in Theoretical Physics

Professor Aditi Mitra is selected as a Simons Fellows in Theoretical Physics 2013.

Announcement by the Simons Foundation on New York Times on May 7, 2013 (Page D7)

The New Bond: Colloids with valence and specific directional bonding

Cover article on the November 1st, 2012 issue of Nature

Yufeng Wang, Yu Wang, Dana R. Breed, Vinothan N. Manoharan, Lang Feng, Andrew D. Hollingsworth, Marcus Weck & David J. Pine. Colloids with valence and specific directional bonding. Nature, 491, 51–55 (01 November 2012).

For more news about our latest research, please visit Pine Research Group at the Center for Soft Matter Research.

SPS Leadership Scholarship

by the National Society of Physics Students of the American Institute of Physics

Abigail Polin

Einstein's Apple: Homogeneous Einstein Fields

Engelbert Schucking and Eugene Surowitz have placed an advanced draft of their book "Einstein's Apple" on Schucking's NYU web page.

College of Arts and Science’s Outstanding Teaching Award 2012

Philip Frankel

GSAS 2011-2012 Dean's Outstanding Dissertation Award in the Sciences

Jo Bovy (PhD 2011)
"Dynamical Inference in the Milky Way"

38th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

New York University College of Arts and Science 38th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

Panel Winners:

  • Bezia Laderman
  • Christopher Peel
  • Abigail Polin
  • Lisa Tran
Poster Winners:
  • Mark Korpics
  • Kelvin Rodriguez

"Essentials of Hamiltonian Dynamics"

A new Dynamics textbook by Professor John Lowenstein.

6th Gotham-Metro Condensed Matter Meeting 2011 at NYAS

"Switching field distributions for a Co/Ninanomagnet with perpendicular magnetization under thermal activationand spin-transfer torques"

Daniel Gopman of New York University presented the development of a model of switching field distributions of Cobalt/Nickel nanomagnets in the presence of spin torque transfer and thermal fluctuations. Co/Ni nanomagnets form a two-state spin transfer device that is appropriate for testing magnetization reversal induced by spin transfer with thermal activation. Gopman modeled experimentally obtained switching field distributions (SFD) as thermal activation over a field-dependent energy barrier that is modified by applied currents. Gopman demonstrates that the SFD well describes the thermally activated reversal of a nanomagnet under spin transfer torques.

To see the full presentation, open this page and click the media tab.